Review Process


Peer review is a critical process designed to evaluate the quality, originality, relevance, and scope of submitted manuscripts. Its primary purpose is to uphold research integrity and ensure that only relevant, high-quality papers reach the publication stage. All manuscripts submitted to ACCENTS Journals undergo a rigorous peer review process.


The Editor (Editor-in-Chief/ Handling Editor/ Associate Editor) is responsible for managing the peer review process. When a manuscript is submitted to ACCENTS Journals, the Editorial Support Team (EST) first assesses it. The initial screening and similarity check conducted by the EST determine whether the manuscript adheres to the journal's guidelines. A similarity check was performed using Crossref Similarity Check, powered by iThenticate. If it does, the manuscript is forwarded to the Editor for an initial assessment. This assessment involves evaluating the manuscript's relevance, scope, overall quality, and adherence to formatting guidelines. If the manuscript passes this preliminary assessment, the Editor selects potential peer reviewers from the relevant field of research to thoroughly review the manuscript and provide recommendations. Manuscripts are assigned to 3-5 reviewers for evaluation.


The International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR) adheres to a double-blinded peer review process, meaning neither the reviewers know the authors' identities nor do the authors have information about the reviewers.


A decision on a submitted manuscript is reached when an editor and at least three reviewers provide their comments and recommendations to the Editorial Support Team (EST).


The final decision can be one of the following:

  • Accept
  • Minor Revision
  • Major Revision
  • Reject


The final decision is communicated to the corresponding author or all authors by the EST on behalf of the Editor. If revisions are required, the author(s) must submit their revised manuscript based on the suggestions from the reviewers and the editor. It is then reevaluated by the editors and reviewers, and based on the recommendations, authors are notified about the next steps in the process.


The review process typically takes 60-90 days (first decision time) from the submission date. Some of the papers may be directly rejected by the Editor without undergoing the peer review process if they do not meet the journal’s guidelines or lack novelty.


The manuscript is published subject to the recommendations of reviewers and the editor. In case of the manuscript acceptance, the concerned journal reserves the right to suggest amendments to the final draft of the research paper as required by the journal's guidelines.


Manuscripts authored by editors or members of the editorial board are subject to the same rigorous peer review standards as other submissions. To maintain objectivity and prevent peer review bias, these manuscripts are assigned to external editors who have no affiliation with the authors or their institutions. The review process for these papers is closely monitored to uphold the integrity and impartiality of the evaluation.

Peer Review System