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1 D-insar based ground subsidence evaluation of different topographical sites with sentinel-1A/B platforms
Amardeep Singh Virk, Amanpreet Singh and S.K Mittal 426-439 1825 View
2 Finite element analysis of lap joint through RSM technique
B. Stalin, K. Vadivel, S. Saravanavel and M. Ravichandran 440-444 1970 View
3 Data delivery techniques in content centric routing for IoT: a systematic review
Pooja Patel, Hiren B. Patel and Bela Shrimali 445-451 1827 View
4 Heart arrhythmia detection using labview GUI based approach
Abhijeet R. Satani, Dinesh R. Damodar and Bhoomi R. Satani 452-459 1837 View
5 Harnessing supremacy of big data using hadoop for healthy human survival making use of bioinformatics
Supreet Kaur and Seema Baghla 460-468 1857 View
6 Modular responsibility distribution for vulnerability management process
Shaz Alam and Mohd Muqeem 469-472 1699 View