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1 Topological enhancement of split AC condenser brackets through CAE
B. Stalin, J. Varun Siddharth, G. Senthilkumar and M. Ravichandran 362-368 665 View
2 Experimental investigation of synchronized UJT trigger circuitusing UJT 2N2646
Md. Moyeed Abrar 369-375 623 View
3 Investigation of mechanical behavior of Al 6063 & SiC composite materials
Yogesh Kumar, Amit Tiwari, Himanshu Vasnani and Neeraj Kumar 376-384 651 View
4 A survey on network intrusion detection system techniques
K. NandhaKumar and S. Sukumaran 385-393 749 View
5 Experimental investigation and Taguchi optimization of turning process parameters for glass fiber reinforced plastics (GFRP)
S. Jasper, B. Stalin and M. Ravichandran 394-399 785 View
6 A survey on human activity prediction techniques
Manju D. and Radha V. 400-406 671 View
7 Web-based admission system for advanced level, private schools: case of Kilimanjaro region, Tanzania
Mwapashua H. Fujo and Mussa Ally Dida 407-418 672 View
8 Stir design to improve uniform distribution of composite materials in stir casting process
Sahil Kumar Prajapati and Neeraj Kumar 419-425 673 View