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1 An experimental study on the behaviour of GFRP pultruded I beam reinforced with CFRP laminates
G.Ganesan and G.Kumaran 232-242 943 View
2 Assessment of vulnerabilities of the biometric template protection mechanism
Taban Habibu and Anael E. Sam 243-254 1064 View
3 Experimental study on strength properties of concrete replacing cement by marble dust and sand by iron ore tailings
Naresh Kumar, Brijbhushan.S, Maneeth.P.D, Shreenivas.Reddy.S and Siddharth.B 255-261 955 View
4 Contact stress analysis of steel and composite spur gear pairs
Bharat N. Bakshe and S. R. Patil 262-268 1083 View
5 Effect of partial replacement of cement by ground granulated blast furnace slag and sand by iron ore tailings on properties of concrete
Ravikiran Kattoli, Brijbhushan.S, Maneeth.P.D, Shreenivas Reddy.S and Siddharth.B 269-275 845 View
6 Comparative analysis of high average-utility patterns algorithms
C.Sivamathi and S.Vijayarani 276-280 907 View
7 An integrated optimized hybrid intensity modeled brain tumor image segmentation using artificial bee colony algorithm
Mubeena V. 281-291 935 View
8 Applying greedy genetic algorithm on 0/1 multiple knapsack problem
Vinod Jain and Jay Shankar Prasad 292-296 840 View
9 K-means and associated cuckoo based hierarchy optimization for document categorization
Chandni Sikarwar, Kailash Patidar and Rishi Kushwah 297-302 1086 View
10 Image denoising techniques: methodological review and analysis
Sonal S. Pandya and Ravindra Gupta 303-307 897 View