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1 IRIAL-an improved approach for VM migrations in cloud computing
G. Dalin and V. Radhamani 165-171 1923 View
2 Experimental analysis of solar distillation unit with various slope angles
S. Irfan Sadaq and Syed Nawazish Mehdi 172-181 1772 View
3 A survey and analysis based on image denoising method
Abhishek Dipak Shroff , Kailash Patidar and Rishi Kushwah 182-186 1885 View
4 Genetic algorithm based optimization for system of nonlinear equations
Chhavi Mangla, Musher Ahmad and Moin Uddin 187-194 1849 View
5 A study on exhaust gas temperature and emission characteristics of a compression ignition engine fueled with transesterified rice bran oil
Sirivella Vijaya Bhaskar 195-200 2019 View
6 Solidification and stabilization of expired chemicals
Sharon Ranjitha Paul and C R Ramakrishnaiah 201-207 1952 View
7 An efficient image denoising method based on KPDE
Abhishek Dipak Shroff , Kailash Patidar and Harsh Pratap Singh 208-213 1730 View
8 Multi objective optimization in friction stir welding using Taguchi orthogonal array and grey relational analysis
D.Bahar, N. Arvind, V. V Yadav and P.Raju 214-220 1834 View
9 Area efficient SR flip-flop designed using 90nm CMOS technology
Akshay Malhotra and Rajesh Mehra 221-226 1899 View
10 A survey and analysis based on topic based classification
Chandni Sikarwar, Kailash Patidar and Rishi Kushwah 227-231 1793 View