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ACCENTS Transactions on Information Security (TIS)

ISSN (Print):XXXX    ISSN (Online):2455-7196
Volume-4 Issue-13 January-2019
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Paper Title : Methodology for image data security: a survey
Author Name : Kanhaiya Prakash Patil, Kailash Patidar, Rishi Kushwah and Manoj Kumar Yadav
Abstract :

This paper focused on the study of the methodologies for image data security. For this latest research papers have been considered for the study and analysis. The main areas covered in this paper in image security are data hiding, image data encryption and decryption, attack detection and steganography. This paper covers several aspects including the cryptography and steganography algorithms and discussed their impact with respect to the results achieved in the previous related papers. Based on the analysis problems have been highlighted.

Keywords : Data hiding, Image data encryption and decryption, Attack detection, Steganography.
Cite this article : Patil KP, Patidar K, Kushwah R, Yadav MK. Methodology for image data security: a survey. ACCENTS Transactions on Information Security. 2019; 4 (13): 7-10. DOI:10.19101/TIS.2019.414003.