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International Journal of Advanced Computer Research (IJACR)

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Volume-9 Issue-40 January-2019
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Paper Title : A technical study of remote backup center performance using public virtual private network
Author Name : Hooki Lee, Sungtaek Lee, JongHyuk Seong, HoGun Rou and GwangYong Gim
Abstract :

Due to the rapid development of information technology worldwide, the spread of information technology has made the use of information systems prominent throughout the industry. In particular, the public sector claiming electronic government, provided convenient services, prompt administrative processing, and utilizing various public data. As a result, the beneficiary, the citizens, can use more services conveniently and easily, thus the amount of information data has increased sharply. As the reliance on such information systems continues to increase, the demand for stable and continuous service of information resources is also increasing, and due to unexpected natural disasters or cyber-attacks, the operation of various information systems is stopped being unable to function properly. It should also be prepared at all times for damage situations where critical data may be destroyed or lost and recovery may not be possible. Therefore, a safety management system that prevents the loss of credibility and financial loss caused by various disasters and system damage is becoming a necessity, not an option. The safest and most reliable method of technical and administrative safeguards for establishing safety management systems to ensure continuity of information systems against disasters and disasters is to backup the data to remote locations. Backing up data to a remote location in preparation for disruption and restoration of the main information system requires large budgets, such as technical and administrative considerations, network dedicated lines, and construction of a physical remote center. Therefore, for small and medium enterprises, it is a burdensome reality to build as such. Thus, this study is going to propose the composition of the remote backup center model using a public virtual private network and de-duplication backup technology for low-cost and high efficiency remote backup center model that can utilize small and medium sized agencies.

Keywords : Data backup, Remote backup, Disaster recovery, Backup center, Data center.
Cite this article : Lee H, Lee S, Seong J, Rou H, Gim G. A technical study of remote backup center performance using public virtual private network . International Journal of Advanced Computer Research. 2019; 9 (40): 1-10. DOI:10.19101/IJACR.SRS16002.
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