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International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration (IJATEE)

ISSN (Print):2394-5443    ISSN (Online):2394-7454
Volume-5 Issue-48 November-2018
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Paper Title : Harnessing supremacy of big data using hadoop for healthy human survival making use of bioinformatics
Author Name : Supreet Kaur and Seema Baghla
Abstract :

In this paper, the analysis of big data genre performed in order to achieve critical objectives for revolutionizing healthcare and to mine out the bioinformatics facet of a particular age group affected by a particular disease. The major challenge is to provide the right care, right living, and right value to general public by mining and providing available remedies for curing common and deadly diseases and it could be accomplished via appropriately mining the collected data. In the experimental work, data mining process was performed on the self-created primary database using Apache Hadoop framework and Hadoop based Hortonworks-Sandbox 2.2.0 data platform using the MapReduce algorithm. The result obtained describes that the scripts and queries provide sorted attributes from the database created and these attributes provide norms which justifies the objectives stated.

Keywords : Apache Hadoop, Hortonworks-sandbox 2.2.0, VMware player, File browser tool, HCatalog tool, Beeswax tool.
Cite this article : Supreet Kaur and Seema Baghla, " Harnessing supremacy of big data using hadoop for healthy human survival making use of bioinformatics " , International Journal of Advanced Technology and Engineering Exploration (IJATEE), Volume-5, Issue-48, November-2018 ,pp.460-468.DOI:10.19101/IJATEE.2018.547010
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