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1 No Image A comparative performance of breast cancer classification using hyper-parameterized machine learning models
Kristoffersen Edward Mayce R. Lomboy and Rowell M. Hernandez 1080-1101 275 View
2 No Image Analysis of performance vulnerability of MAC scheduling algorithms due to SYN flood attack in 5G NR mmWave
Bhargabjyoti Saikia and Sudipta Majumder 1102-1119 184 View
3 No Image A DDoS defence framework in software defined network using ensemble classifier with rough set theory based feature selection
Riyad AM 1120-1135 157 View
4 No Image Factors affecting cloud data-center efficiency: a scheduling algorithm-based analysis
Arif Ahmad Shehloo, Muheet Ahmed Butt and Majid Zaman 1136-1167 500 View
5 No Image Quantification of electric field strength of tDCS in Alzheimer’s and mild cognitive impairment patients
Utkarsh Pancholi and Vijay Dave 1168-1182 230 View
6 No Image Comparison study for double passive car suspension system through mathematical modelling and experimental work
S. H. Yahaya, S. F. Yaakub, F. Ahmad, M. S. Salleh, M. Y. Yuhazri and S. Akmal 1183-1192 145 View
7 No Image Forecasting non-linear WPI of manufacture of chemicals and chemical products in India: an MLP approach
Dipankar Das and Satyajit Chakrabarti 1193-1207 124 View
8 No Image Accommodating stormwater storage structure in the veranda of shop building
Darrien Y.S. Mah, Norazlina Bateni, Rosmina A. Bustami, Jethro H. Adam and Afdal H.M. Salehe 1208-1221 124 View
9 No Image Effect of moisture and sonication time on dielectric strength and heat transfer performance of transformer oil based Al2O3 nanofluid
S. Ravi Babu, N.V.A Ravi Kumar and P. Ramesh Babu 1222-1233 270 View
10 No Image Design of quad band microstrip patch antenna with slits and slots
Ravikumar Palla and Dattatreya Gopi 1234-1242 270 View