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1 No Image An agent-based simulation model of dynamic real-time traffic signal controller
Ahmad Aljaafreh, Maen Saleh, Naeem Al-Oudat and Murad Alaqtash - 27 View
2 No Image An interval type-2 FCM for color image segmentation
Abdullah Hamad, Sadegh Aminifar and Muhammadamin Daneshwar - 7 View
3 No Image Development of web-based application in population administration system using scrum framework
DOI: 10.19101/IJACR.2019.940135
Ginanjar Wiro Sasmito and M. Nishom - 13 View
4 No Image An Approach for extracting chemical data from molecular representations
Amena Mahmoud, Taher Hamza and M. Z. Rashad - 10 View
5 No Image Latest trends in emotion recognition methods: case study on EmotiW challenge
Huma Naz and Sachin Ahuja - 7 View